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Jennifer Pudenz (AmericanHuntress)

My name is Jennifer Pudenz, and I'm an avid bowhunter from Winterset, Iowa (Bridges of Madison County and John Wayne). My life revolves around archery, and I feel so lucky to be a hunter from Iowa- especially southern Iowa! I work from home as editor and layout designer of The Iowa Sportsman magazine. I've grown up around hunting, fishing and the outdoors my whole life, thanks to my dad and my brother. I've been shooting a bow since I was 4 years old, and today, I love deer hunting, turkey hunting, bowfishing and shooting at 3-D tournaments! My husband and I also enjoy managing our trail cameras as well as searching for sheds, mushrooms and asparagus! Good luck out in the field and on the water!

Family Fish and Game has a wonderful group of talented writers and knowledgeable field staff members on this website. Feel free to chat with them about anything!

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Now you can enhance your Family Fish and Game experience by creating or joining specific topic groups. For example if you are interested in Texas Whitetails you can create a group designed soley for Texas Whitetails. Or if you like to fish for trout you can search and join a trout fishing group.

Creating or joining a group is easy. Click the links below and you will be on your way. A quick note; the person who creates a group will be the group's administrator and will be in control of his/her group.

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Spring has arrived and thousands of Midwesterners have begun their annual trek through damp old timber areas, searching the ground for one of the bounties of nature - morel...

  Circle of Life Photo #2  

Circle of Life

One of my favorite pastimes is trapping furbearers. I trapped muskrats and raccoons in Ohio as a boy, but my dream was to become a Northwoods trapper and guide someday. So I...

  The Custom-made Time Has Come Photo #3  

The Custom-made Time Has Come

Wedding dresses are worn by brides worldwide so there is a huge profit in the dresses market. Obviously, producers and sellers understand this long before and the competition in...

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Hunting with daughter

Check post in turkey talk forum

  Steve 'Caught' His Pike! Photo #5  

Steve 'Caught' His Pike!

The year was 2001 and I was again guiding the Vogel family for a week on yet another fantastic Quetico wilderness canoe trip. Richard (Dick) Vogel was no new comer to the...

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The Original Hunting & Fishing Community

Welcome to Family Fish and Game. As one of the original online hunting communities, we are proud to have you join the fun. We realize there are more places than ever to join in the hunting conversation, but this community is dedicated to enhancing and embracing your own hunting and fishing experiences, tips, advice, and friendships...with easy-to-use tools and toys all around the community.

We provide you, the hunter, with not only the best access to hunting resources, but also the free tools, space, and potential to share your own hunting and fishing world with ours.

The Family Fish and Game profile system allows you to share your hunting and/or fishing world, establish hunting friendships, maintain past hunting acquaintances, and access tips and research information about hunting and fishing. The staff of Family Fish and Game believes that the best hunting information and insight comes from people like YOU. Our members share their varied experiences from the field and allow this unique, friendly, and worldwide hunting community to be a place for all your family and friends.

Since going online in 2006, we’ve also added to our hunting community, by enhancing the website and embracing our fishing community. Whether it’s casual bass fishing, ice fishing, or even competitive fishing…we know you love the outdoors and we’ve made this hunting AND fishing community just for you!

Along with other skilled and experienced hunters like yourself, the community will generate the content and information from the free online hunting profiles you create, as well as, the many tools and toys each user has at their fingertips. You can select from many different favorite animals you hunt and fish, including whitetail deer hunting, elk hunting, duck hunting, upland bird hunting, turkey hunting, bass fishing, carp fishing, and many others. Select your favorite camouflage backgrounds and you are on your way to building your own identity within this hunting and fishing community. With thousands of members, you can seriously widen your hunting connections and enjoy sharing hunting stories, hunting strategies, and even hunting tactics with the community!

Along with a customized profile system, the hunting resource section of our hunting community can assist you in your quest for the perfect whitetail deer, elk, bear, duck, or bird hunting trip. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a three day weekend close by or looking for the bow hunting trip of a lifetime, Family Fish and Game can help, with our hunting guides and hunting outfitters section. With hundreds of guides and outfitters to choose from, you can be sure to find the one that meets your specific hunting needs and the best part is, you can get to know the hunting/fishing outfitters through this community while you make your decision.

What if you’re looking for a hunting dog or other hunting products? No worries, our hunting community has that covered within the hunting resources too. With our sporting dogs section you can find dog breeding and hunting dog training facilities to improve your pheasant hunting experience, or find the product that will increase your accuracy even more…right here within this social network just for hunting and fishing!

As we all know whitetail deer hunting and other game hunting land is becoming hard to find. Look no further, because this growing hunting community has your hunting lease problems solved. Just click on hunting resources and browse our extensive list of realtors and land owners who can assist you with your needs.

Familuy Fish and Game is one of the original hunting communities and we hope you’ll embrace our family-friendly environment and enjoy the many hunting resources, hunting forums, fishing conversation, and all around good time here at FFG! No matter what you shoot with, who you shoot with, or what you shoot…this is the place for you.


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Your Hunting Community community - Family Fish and Game
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